Executive management

The executive management of ATRIUM Partners A/S is comprised of Jan Davidsen, Partner & CEO, and Kent Petersen, Partner & CFO.

In ATRIUM Kapitalforvaltning Fondsmæglerselskab A/S, the members of the executive management are Jens Honoré, Partner & CEO, and Kent Petersen, Partner & CFO.

Board of directors

The board of directors of ATRIUM Partners is comprised of executives with many years of experience from managerial and board positions:

  • Jens Lauritzen (1957), chairman of ATRIUM Partners, former managing director in Nordea Investment Banking in Denmark. Possesses comprehensive experience within the financial sector and has a unique network among Danish large and mid-cap companies
  • Thomas Hartwig (1950), professional board member, including former membership of the board of Maconomy A/S and Netcompany A/S. Significant competences within IT, telecommunications and consulting
  • Ib Kunøe (1943), CEO of Consolidated Holdings and chairman of e.g. Atea A/S and Columbus A/S and strong competences and network within trade, IT, services and human resources
  • David Meyer (1957), former CEO of VELUX, today professional board member, including deputy chairman of Sund & Bælt Holding A/S and Femern A/S, among others. Significant expertise within technology and media, industrial manufacturing and health care.

The board of directors of ATRIUM Kapitalforvaltning Fondsmæglerselskab is comprised of:

  • Jan Davidsen (1958), chairman, Partner and CEO of ATRIUM Partners A/S, CEO of Vietoften Holding ApS, chairman of Interdan Invest A/S and member of the board of Interdan Holding A/S and Interdan Bil A/S.
  • Peter Johansen (1962), Chief Investment Officer at Realdania, member of the board of Realdania By & Byg A/S
  • Asger Kastbjerg (1948), CEO of A.K. Management ApS, Asger Kastbjerg Holding ApS, R. L. Holding ApS, chairman of Triobike A/S, Trioinvest ApS and Fredensborg Golfcenter ApS, member of the board of Pureno A/S