If you consider acquiring another company the choice of advisor is important. ATRIUM Partners possesses many years of experience from advising on acquisitions. This includes advice to companies wishing to take over a competitor, acquire technology or competencies or to enter new markets via acquisitions and private equity firms investing in new portfolio companies.

When advising on an acquisition, we emphasize a number of issues: A good strategic and cultural fit between the two businesses, that all aspects around the target are fully explored prior to the deal, that a thorough plan has been made for the financing of the deal as well as the subsequent integration of the target, and that the price and contractual terms are attractive in the light of the expected synergies and advantages from the deal.

ā€¯Given their extensive M&A-experience, ATRIUM Corporate Finance contributed significantly and thus ensured us a successful acquisition in the USA” Hans Henrik Thrane, CFO, Columbus