Debt Advisory

Financing a business today is complex, not least because of increased demands from banks. Financing is one of the core skills of ATRIUM. We offer debt advisory including:

  • Optimisation of capital structure, including the choice of financing and the use of alternative forms of financing
  • Negotiation with banks in terms of loan structure, covenants and repayment profile
  • Acquisition financing, including securing the debt capacity and conditions in connection with the purchase of a business or activities
  • Restructuring advisory on strategic alternatives, changes in debt structure and reestablishing capital
  • Detailed financial modelling including cash flow analysis, strategy under funding constraints, counterparty risk, risk management and assessment of debt capacity
”ATRIUM delivered solid, comprehensive and insightful advisory services during tough times for E. Pihl & Søn and the family” Kjartan Langvad, the family’s representative on the board of directors, E. Pihl & Søn

We have a profound experience in negotiation with banks, cash flow risk modelling, designing financial terms and restructuring of debt that ensure long-term solutions even in the most difficult funding situations.