Portfolio managers

Client’s portfolios are assembled by means of funds managed by carefully selected portfolio managers from all over the world. Every single element of the portfolio is thus handled by best-of-breed experts to ensure that the overall portfolio is fully optimized.

In search for investment expertise ATRIUM looks far beyond domestic boundaries.  We fully contemplate the knowledge and experience of Danish experts, however for foreign markets and asset classes we prefer to work with experts with substantial local on-site research capability.

Clients are provided with access to a broad range of globally based asset managers. Working closely together with Stanhope Capital, we assess more than 400 portfolio managers yearly in our search for experts on equities, bonds, hedge funds etc. We always strive for alignment of interest and we thus prefer working with portfolio managers who invest personally alongside clients in the funds, which they manage.

We prioritize proven track records and excess return gathered under difficult market conditions. And last but not least portfolio managers must comply with best practice regarding good investment governance and administrative setup. Maybe that is why most of our portfolio managers are to be found among the well-known and strongly positioned providers such as PIMCO, Schroders, Fidelity and BlackRock.