Individuals and families

Individuals and families demanding close monitoring and management of their financial assets are the core client base of ATRIUM. On behalf of our clients we take care of all daily business regarding the portfolio and we ensure that market opportunities are pursued in the best possible way within the risk and tax profile of the client. We handle all transactions on behalf of the client making sure that all trades are settled on the client account. Clients are able to follow every single transactions as well as overall investment performance. This can be done on a daily basis via member login on this website.

Comparing ATRIUM to a traditional bank or broker, two obvious differences stand out: We offer clients access to the best investment products and we never use in-house investment products. This guarantees complete alignment of interest between the client and ATRIUM.

Last but not least, trading on behalf of clients is executed on attractive terms due to the bargaining power of ATRIUM’s combined client base. You are charged in a fair manner and all benefits and cost reductions obtained from third party providers will be transparent.

Occasionally we advise families on transition of wealth from one generation to another. We focus on preparing heirs in the best possible way and by doing so we pave the way for a smooth and successful transition of values across generations.