Institutional investors

Institutional investors looking to outsource investment management turn to ATRIUM for advice. Institutional clients typically work with several advisors simultaneously and ATRIUM is added as a supplement to the traditional banks, because we represent a different and independent alternative.

We add diversification on manager level and provide a truly global perspective as we manage clients’ portfolios in close co-operation with Stanhope Capital which is one of the leading investment offices in Europe. The joint investment committee of Stanhope and ATRIUM assess more than 400 portfolio managers yearly in search for the best expert on equities, bonds, hedge funds etc. Subsequently adding a portfolio manager to our shortlist we monitor the performance and risk profile of the managers on an ongoing basis.

Compared to traditional banks ATRIUM offers a substantially more absolute approach to asset management. Benchmarks and relative performance always comes in second to money that can actually be spent. And as we say: “You can’t eat relative performance”!

Last but not least, ATRIUM is able to use the bargaining power of its combined client base to trade on institutional terms. You are charged in a fair manner and all benefits and cost reductions obtained from third party providers will be transparent.