Creating a richer life

The ability to provide a high return may be of significant importance when choosing an advisor but it rarely influences the quality of one’s life. That goes for the entrepreneur selling his company, the manager of a fund as well as the family preserving their wealth across generations.

Therefore, our mission is to create an environment where clients can spend time on anything else than monitoring the financial markets while knowing that we are protecting their wealth.

We strive intensively to create an attractive risk adjusted return – and at the same time, we are doing our best to contribute to a life with as few worries as possible for our clients.

Supporting and facilitating a smooth, transparent and fair process regarding succession planning is one of the ways in which we  assist clients but educating the next generation is equally important in guiding them to a position where they themselves are able to manage the responsibility.

When advising funds, charities and institutional investors we also play an active role being aware of changes in relevant legislation and dealing with ethical investment issues.