Our philosophy

ATRIUM is founded on a business model reflecting exactly the way we want to be treated and advised as clients and investors.

Our ambition is to become our clients’ most preferred financial partner and to be regarded by our clients as having mutual and aligned interests.

Our many years of experiences have made it quite clear to us what to be aware of and especially what to avoid in order to protect wealth.

Preservation of clients wealth is of key concern to us and we manage clients asset with the same rigour and devotedness as we apply when managing assets of our own. That is  the reason why assets of our own are invested in the same way as our clients assets and under the same conditions.

We only invest in assets which we fully understand and we likewise focus on liquidity and risk management. Our investments are within both traditional and alternative asset classes. Our task is to select the most attractive asset classes as well as finding the best asset managers. Therefore, we have a strong strategic collaboration with Stanhope Capital.